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Dr Sandlin Discusses Health Care Vs. Disease Management | Sandlin DDS Lawrenceville, GA

Dr. James Sandlin - Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Health Care vs Disease Management

It was the famous physician, William Osler, MD who stated: “You can tell the health of a person by observing the health of their mouth! The health of the mouth is the window to the health of the body.”


One of my central goals for each person I serve is to bring the doctor inside of them to life. I believe I best serve each patient when I can help them prevent the causes of dental disease.


- Factors Contributing to Your Health –


20% - Heredity

10% - Medical Care System (Quality and Availability)

20% - Environment

50% - Lifestyle Choices


Based on figures from the National Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control, and National Institute of Health.


America is experiencing a disease-care crisis. This forces us to recognize several factors:


• People shift responsibility from themselves as agents of health, to the Medical Care System as agents to treat their disease. In reality, 50% of your own health status is a direct result of lifestyle choices.


• The Medical Care System contributes only 10% of the health care outcomes of individuals.


How does this translate to dentistry and dental health? Since we are dealing with all health, then certainly Oral Health must be included. Like the Medical Care System, the Dental Care System and insurance contribute to only 10% of the factors that determine if a person preserves their natural teeth for a lifetime or not.


Traditional medicine and traditional dentistry only react to disease. Consequently, disease treatment increases in cost every month, whereas preventing disease in the first place is the Proactive approach.


Because traditional dentistry is reactive, it focuses on repair and treating symptoms and effects of disease; but does not focus on prevention and true health, which is the absence of disease.


If you’re thinking how healthy can I be? How good can I feel? How much energy and vitality can I have in my life? Then, you’re thinking like I think and I want to become as healthy as I can become. I want the most out of the rest of the years in my life. What about you?


If you’re tired of being the object of cure and disease treatment, perhaps you are ready for a different approach; an approach where HEALTH IS FIRST!


Dr Sandlin | Sandlin DDS Lawrenceville, Ga

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